Wednesday, June 3, 2009

What's with your Entitlement?

One thing I deal with more than anything else these days is people who have this false sense of entitlement. I can't figure out where it comes from. I actually spent a long time trying to figure out the word for this, and then it came to me, and the word is entitlement. What is it with people when they act like they should get things for free, or when they act like things should just happen in their honor, or because their name is Tom, or maybe just because that's what they think they deserve. To me, it's a total lack of respect. In my job, I spend hours upon hours making sure other people are happy. Many times it goes unappreciated, and I'm OK with that, because it's my job. But it's those folks that act like the are entitled to the actions I put forth, entitled to things I do for them, and entitled to things that I haven't even offered them, but they feel they have earned.
And what can I do? Nothing really. Someone should really bring me an ice cream. I'm entitled to it. Why? Because. I said so.


  1. you have identified the problem that caused the crash in the economy. entitlement. I am entitled to a house even if I cannot afford it...I am entitled to a commission for arranging a loan for a house I worked out for someone who cannot afford it. i am entitled to buy that big screen tv even though i am going to max out my credit card to pay for it. i am entitled to drive a huge SUV and ignore the price of gas for which I have insufficient funds. We are in a country in which entitlement is the cause of where we find ourselves. ...wishing we could have what we once thought we were entitled to.

  2. There is an entire book written about those born in the 70s through early 2000s called "Generation Me" and it deals with our entitlement issues. I am reading it right now and our generational attitude is part our fault, part the fault of the parents who raised their children with the "you are special" attitude.

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