Thursday, June 4, 2009

Dear Ex

When we first spoke I skipped. It was almost like someone was really going to care about me. Take care of me. Really invest in me. When we first met, I was beating so fast I almost jumped out. But I kept it together enough to cooperate and be there for many more dates. Then I started to fall. It was kind of scary, but I hung in there, with high hopes. I tried to remain strong, even though at times I felt weak. I had been broken before, but I had healed and continued to beat, even faster at times when you were there. Then you were distant. I think you forgot about me. I continued to beat fast in your presence. I felt myself breaking. I tried to hang in there, but soon I felt a crack, and knew I had to be brave so I could once again be strong. So there I was, broken, but still beating. Growing stronger every day. Except, sometimes, when you send a song, I still beat faster than I should. -Heart

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