Thursday, June 11, 2009

I have some questions for the ignorant

When are you finally going to figure it out? Just because you are a guy in a gay bar, what makes you think you are so hot that you are GOING to get hit on? What are you so afraid of, that you might like it? Who taught you how to think, your ignorant fucking parents? Are you brainwashed by your church? Did you grow up thinking there was only one way to think? Did you wear what everyone else was wearing? Are you the guy who laughs just because everyone else is laughing? Do you honestly have a reason why you have decided to out people because they are different from you?
Here's the deal. You need to open your mind. Pretend for one second that you can and make up your own mind for once. It's going to feel good. And hopefully, it will stick. But I'm not holding my breath. I'm bigger and better than you because I can accept people for who they are, and not for their sexual preferences.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

a promise by ms. lack of self confidence

I promise to laugh even if the joke isn't that funny. I also promise to laugh if I am offended by the joke, but other people are laughing at it. I promise to pretend to feel totally comfortable in your crowd even though I'd be a lot happier and more comfortable with other people. I promise I won't be confrontational in fear of you judging me and then not being able to be cool enough to laugh at the next comment. I promise that anytime there is a party that I'm not invited to, I'll pretend not to care that I wasn't invited. I promise that if I happen to miss that party, that I am totally and completely entertained and amused hearing all about it for 4 hours on Monday morning. I promise to stop talking immediately if someone that wasn't there a second ago appears. I promise to play it off like it's no big deal. I promise to be fake. I promise not to care, when deep inside, I'd do anything, I mean, ANYTHING, to be invited into your world.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Dear Ex

When we first spoke I skipped. It was almost like someone was really going to care about me. Take care of me. Really invest in me. When we first met, I was beating so fast I almost jumped out. But I kept it together enough to cooperate and be there for many more dates. Then I started to fall. It was kind of scary, but I hung in there, with high hopes. I tried to remain strong, even though at times I felt weak. I had been broken before, but I had healed and continued to beat, even faster at times when you were there. Then you were distant. I think you forgot about me. I continued to beat fast in your presence. I felt myself breaking. I tried to hang in there, but soon I felt a crack, and knew I had to be brave so I could once again be strong. So there I was, broken, but still beating. Growing stronger every day. Except, sometimes, when you send a song, I still beat faster than I should. -Heart

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

What's with your Entitlement?

One thing I deal with more than anything else these days is people who have this false sense of entitlement. I can't figure out where it comes from. I actually spent a long time trying to figure out the word for this, and then it came to me, and the word is entitlement. What is it with people when they act like they should get things for free, or when they act like things should just happen in their honor, or because their name is Tom, or maybe just because that's what they think they deserve. To me, it's a total lack of respect. In my job, I spend hours upon hours making sure other people are happy. Many times it goes unappreciated, and I'm OK with that, because it's my job. But it's those folks that act like the are entitled to the actions I put forth, entitled to things I do for them, and entitled to things that I haven't even offered them, but they feel they have earned.
And what can I do? Nothing really. Someone should really bring me an ice cream. I'm entitled to it. Why? Because. I said so.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Dear Roseville,

Dear Roseville,
Lately, we've been having some issues I wish to address. First things first, all your complaining about how "far away" you are. Really? The distance between you and I is only a bit over 23 miles. Depending on what part of me you are in, or what part of you that you are coming from. You have been extremely lazy lately, and it's getting old. Quit making excuses. It is not that hard to get here! And another thing, Roseville. You are not better than me. Quit acting so damn pretentious. You are a SUBURB. Congratulations, you just had another CHAIN restaurant open up. Who cares. Call me when you find a personality.
No hard feelings Roseville, but i'm sick and tired of dealing with all of your excuses. And one more thing- tell Granite Bay to suck it.