Tuesday, June 9, 2009

a promise by ms. lack of self confidence

I promise to laugh even if the joke isn't that funny. I also promise to laugh if I am offended by the joke, but other people are laughing at it. I promise to pretend to feel totally comfortable in your crowd even though I'd be a lot happier and more comfortable with other people. I promise I won't be confrontational in fear of you judging me and then not being able to be cool enough to laugh at the next comment. I promise that anytime there is a party that I'm not invited to, I'll pretend not to care that I wasn't invited. I promise that if I happen to miss that party, that I am totally and completely entertained and amused hearing all about it for 4 hours on Monday morning. I promise to stop talking immediately if someone that wasn't there a second ago appears. I promise to play it off like it's no big deal. I promise to be fake. I promise not to care, when deep inside, I'd do anything, I mean, ANYTHING, to be invited into your world.


  1. I knew you could sing, but did not know you could write. finally something you got from my genes.