Friday, August 28, 2009

That doesn't fit you

I was inspired this morning by a friend in Oakland who apparently has been writing zines for years. Made me want to write. And in the midst of a morning of being slightly hungover, tired, and on my 4th day of working 12 hour shifts, I figured it was about time I added another blog to this site. It's been too long, but when you're not inspired, nothing good comes. Now i'm not promising "good" or even "ok" but regardless i'm writing and getting the creative juices flowing is always a good thing. Well, most of the time.
So on to the subject line, "That doesn't fit you". I have become incredibly intrigued as of late by fitness. I find it so amazing that in a world where there are so many things you cannot control, that the one thing you CAN truly control is your body. When you're in your 30's even more so, because back in high school you could eat McDonalds every other day and maintain your weight but now you eat a small fries and you see the results on the scale the next day. Well i'm INTO fitness. I work out at least 3 times a week, and when baseball season ends, I will try for 4 because I will be able to have more of a routine. I am really looking forward to it. Why? Because I care about how I look. Not necessarily for anyone else but myself, because it makes me feel good, but no one can convince me otherwise that when you look slammin' in that bikini that you aren't pretty stoked about the boys looking on. Anyways, that brings me to the point. People who don't care. People who are apparently have NO self awareness whatsover. You have seen these people. They are overweight, and maybe it's a thing they have a hard time controlling, but do you LOOK in the mirror in the morning? That skirt? It doesn't fit you. It doesn't look good. And the shirt? It's 2 sizes too small, and i can literally see your belly button outline through it because its so tight and your belly button looks like a butt crack. NOT GOOD. I have friends who have some extra pounds on them. I would NEVER discriminate against these people. All people have feelings, and I care a lot about my friends. But they have also proven to me that there are clothes that can flatter just about any figure. They have proven to me that they DO look in a mirror before they leave the house and make sure that they look presentable and that nothing is "hanging out". By "hanging out" I mean, your clothes are too small for you, and your back fat is hanging out of the back every time you sit down. You obviously are not self aware, and you don't realize that as i've said before, this does NOT look good.
And then, you go to the kitchen, and you buy yourself a soda, and this is after you have eaten a bagel with WAY too much cream cheese. Same feeling I get when I go to a restaurant, and the largest person in the place is eating their second serving of garlic bread after finishing a huge plate of mashed potatoes and gravy. They don't care. Have they given up? It's sad. Care about yourself! I want to get in their face and yell it. Why don't you care about yourself? Ugh. This just gets to me. But at least the lady in the restaurant eating her buttery treats has clothes on that fit and i don't have to see her midsection overflowing out of her pants and shirt that are from the 80s that MAY have fit her in high school.

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