Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday, August 28th, 2009

I am going to try and get through an entire 8 hour shift without doing any real work. So far, here is what i've done today;

Posted a blog about people who wear clothes that don't fit
Ate a bagel with cream cheese that my co-worker brought in
Called Tony just to ask him how he was and what he was up to
Checked my facebook
Chatted with my boyfriend on Gmail Chat
Texted Darrin about San Francisco back and forth for about 30 minutes
Stared at an excel spreadsheet
Stared at computer screen
Went to the team store and bought a baseball
Read article
Read two The Onion articles
Read half of my friend Adams Zine, "I hate the job and i want to die"
Walked to my car and on the way chatted with Casey about our boat trip on Monday
Went and had lunch at Taro's with Claudia, which included my favorite dish and a Sapporo
Organized the envelope stacks in my drawer (uh-oh, borderline REAL work)
Threw away an empty box in my drawer and consolidated the business cards that were in two so they are just in one now
Gave Johnny Doskow two big hugs
Talked to Gabe about having the baseball I bought signed by Jerome Williams for my dad
Talked to Creighton for 2 minutes about title one schools (oops! more almost work)
....and all this brings me to now. 3:21pm. My clients will arrive here in a little less than two hours. During that time, I will email my Matrix report to Creighton, check LOLcats website, probably chat with some folks on Gmail Chat, pee a few times because I need to be drinking water because it's 105 degrees and humid outside,and think about how the heck i'm going to get Clay Timpner to talk to me tonight.

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